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Ramblin’ Preachers’ latest release ‘Jester’ isn’t so much a song, but an accompanied love letter. The lyrics take a deep and personal meaning to Ross, with the key inspiration being his wife. 

‘Jester’ moves the band away from the stomping blues inspired music that has seen their current success, to bring you something more intimate with a beating heart at its core. 

Don’t, however be fooled by the slower pace and stripped back sound that initially draws you in. Every line builds on the last and you know that this song is leading up to something special. In this case, the crescendo to this song is the guitar work by James Ives. The song oozes emotion and passion, and James has really captured that with the solo. He purposely didn’t spend too much time writing the solo as he wanted it to be as natural and raw as possible to capture the essence of what is trying to be portrayed.

This is in contrast to Ross’ strive for lyrical perfection. Writing, re-writing and re-working every line until it tells a gripping story that leaves no illusion as to how he feels. The image of someone trying to write the perfect love-letter to someone with scrunched up bits of paper littering the floor around them comes to mind. 

The song is the last release before the band’s eagerly awaited debut album and showcases the band’s incredible ability to jump between so many different forms of Blues Rock. 

There is a reason that ‘Jester’ is cited as one of the band’s most popular songs at their shows.

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