"Blues is boring..."

A phrase so often heard in this day and age. But a phrase that does a disservice to so many great touring Blues artists. However, the goal posts have moved, and your standalone 12-bar just doesn't cut it anymore. Ramblin' Preachers encapsulates what a modern-day Blues band should be with their new single, Better Than Me.

Better Than Me takes the original Blues Rock sound of the 1960s and launches it into the

21st Century.

The song focuses on a man who is unable to comprehend his partner’s disinterest in him. As he searches for answers, it drives him to despair. 

The poignant lyrics from Ross Connor will transport you to the mindset of the protagonist. This song will stick in your head long after the final note is played. 

James Ives’ guitar work mirrors the feelings on show throughout the song, with every bend adding to the pain and emotion presented.

Mix this with the intricate bass line of Craig Howe and Ben Kay’s Vintage-Contemporary drumming style, and you have a song that modernises the well-known and well-loved genre that is 
Blues Rock.

Better Than Me

When asked what the aspirations of the band are, they responded: "We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. We are trying to stand out in a music scene saturated with talent. The one thing that we refuse to do is pigeonhole ourselves into one style. Better Than Me sees a massive shift from our first single, Mind Your Own Business, and we are okay with that. We have the luxury of experimenting whilst we are still finding our sound."

Mind Your Own Business opened so many doors for the band. The song granted them access to a number of venues and shows across the UK, including The Great British Rock & Blues Festival in Skegness. This is where they won the public vote on the Introducing Stage in 2022 which grants them access to the Main Stage for the 2023 show. In the relatively short time that the band has existed, it has seen them share the same bill as:

Walter Trout

Jared James Nichols

Danielle Nicole

Ten years After

King King

and more...

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